The best advertising in the world comes from satisfied customers who share their opinion with others. After 30 years of sailmaking, we've had the opportunity to help sailors around the world with their sail needs. They've returned the favor by telling others about our quality products and personal service. Here's a sample of some of the things they've said.

Cruising Sails

Last fall you made a sail for me for my Aquarius 23. I had little time to use it and then only quickly. Since then I have had some time to sail with it and other people. I know you would want to know how the sail worked out, and I had very little time to work with it earlier. The sail has been wonderful. It is beautifully shaped and it carried its shape to the very top. The workmanship is excellent and the boat's improved performance is obvious. Others on the boat were very impressed. I'll be getting with you sometime for the genoa.

Aquarius 23

Gainesville, FL

Just a note to thank you and your staff for the great job in designing and installing the new staysail for my Hunter Passage 42. The sail was invaluable to me in my delivery trip from Ft. Lauderdale to the Windward Islands. The sail is bulletproof and is used often as the wind gusts to 25-30 knots between the Islands. When the wind goes over 30 kts, we set the staysail and feel very comfortable and under control. I look forward to working with you on a new mainsail in the near future.

Hunter Passage 42


I recently returned from a 3 night trip to Bimini and wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the new set of sails built for my boat by Super Sailmakers. We had the unusual pleasure of broad reaching to Bimini and beam reaching home. I have to say that both there and back the boat performed beautifully. Leaving Bimini with a reefed main and full genoa we sailed along at about 7kts with a 20 knot breeze out of the NNE. The helm was balanced and the ride quite smooth and comfortable considering the conditions. I have to say that the sails that were designed and built by you, did an exceptional job and I look forward to many more successful trips...

Miami, FL

We want to thank you for delivering the sails on time and on budget. They were for a boat in our charter fleet, and we had a two-week contract which we were able to meet because you shipped when you said you would. You've earned our loyalty.

Fernandina Beach, FL

On June 2, I called Super Sailmakers and spoke to John about replacement sails (Jib & Main) for our 1975 Chrysler Mutineer. I am from the Midwest and I was having difficulty finding a sailmaker and was more than a little concerned because of the age of the boat that I might not be able to find replacement sails.

I found the new sail was designed even better than the original sail -- stronger tabs and better-made overall. On July 14 (also our 20th wedding anniversary) we went sailing and used both the jib and the new mainsail. We had a great tome and I really appreciate the quality and workmanship of our new sails. Please pass my compliments on to John and all the staff at Super Sailmakers.

Chrysler Mutineer


We would like to thank you again for your prompt and friendly service. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.

Rafiki 37

Titusville, FL

Thanks so much for my new sail for my Sailfish! It arrived today and is perfect and beautiful! I picked it up at noon while I was at work and took it back to my office. Ten minutes later, and old friend and sailor dropped in unexpectedly. I took this as a sign. I told my boss, "Bye bye" and walked down to the lake, rigged the sail, and took off for three hours. It was Joyful! Thanks so much.


Lake Winnipesaukee, NH

I got my sails yesterday. Thank you, they're great! If you would, please send me your business cards and I will leave them at the local marinas in the area. We have 6 lakes in the area and no one here knows anyone that makes sails. By the way, I got my sails at about $150.00 less from you than with other sailmakers I checked with. You can count on me to tell others about you.

Lone Star

Hot Springs, AR

Replaced our sails, we will no doubt be calling you for a fresh set. I hope this letter finds you well and please call whenever you think you might find yourself in Key West. We'll take you out for a nice day on the water.

Dave H

Key West, FL

I just want to take a moment to thank you for your personal service and quality of workmanship. I will highly recommend you to all those who sail with me.

Stanley W.

I've been meaning to report back to you. The sails are terrific and working well. Sail bag and batten ties, received. I was surprised by the size and shape of the jib - I wasn't aware that my Mylar jib, which was much smaller, is not the standard Supercat 17 jib. The new one makes tacking much, much easier and faster. The main is a bit heavy and was a bit difficult to raise, but the bolt rope seems to be adapting to the shape of my mast groove. So, all in all, I'm a happy camper!

Robin H.

Sorry it took so long for you to get this note, but I have been out enjoying my new sails! Just wanted to say thanks for a great job you guys did on my sails. I have recieved many great compliments on the color scheme. Keep up the good work, and I'll spread the word around up here! Thanks again for everything

Dave K.

I am still enjoying the heck out of sails I bought from you. They are holding up VERY WELL!!!!! All I do is use them and take care of them and all is fine and dandy. I really wanted to thank you again for the best service I think I have gotten from any body I have ever done business with. You may remember that my mainsail came apart and you guys asked little or no questions. You just simply asked me to send it to you and you fixed it at no charge whatsoever. You even supplied the box to ship it in and ALL of the shipping charges!!!! That was great. I wont soon forget you guys and your service and your attitudes toward customer satisfaction!!!!!!

John Y.

You made a special small jib sail for our O'Day 23 in February of this year. We have used the sail over a dozen times and it really performs great! You did a great job! We will remember you in the future.

O'Day 23

Kansas City, KS

The new 155% for the Morgan 30 arrived about three weeks ago in good shape. I tried it out last Saturday and I am sure it definitely improves the performance. It fits perfect and the window is a good addition and it's in the right place. Thanks for a great job.

Morgan 30

Nashville, TN

Finally got away from the dock and WOW! In 15 knots of wind (perfect day) I was really impressed with the fully battened main. The set and shape were perfect and it seemed to be producing more power than before. The STACKPACK worked great, also -- can't imagine how I lived without it.

Morgan 38

Palm Beach, FL

The sail shape is lovely. It takes a fine shape, with just the right amount of twist -- requiring much less leech on the leech line than my old sail. The sail holds its shape in both heavy and light winds. I think it has added significant light wind speed and windward ability. I really do like it...I could not ask for more, and would certainly recommend you to someone looking for a large cruising sail.

Hilton Head Island, SC

Received trampoline for Prindle 16 and have installed it. Everything looks first class. Thank you very much.

Prindle 16

Dallas, TX

Racing Sails

I just thought I would let you know that for all the years I've raced my Cal 2-27 and won the lake championship here, they always said it was the boat. "Put me in a different boat and see what happens." They even put out an e-mail to the other skippers to that effect.

Well, I raced the Cal 2-29 for the first time on Sunday. The wind was about 2-3 knots at 2 min. to the gun. Needless to say I was running full sails, as was everyone else. At 1 min. to start, a front moved through with winds of 25 to 35 knots (that's Kansas for you). Had to do a 360 at the line because my boat speed had changed, shall we say, just a LITTLE! The 360 put me behind the lead boat, an Olsen 30 (I would have been first at the line).

There was no time to reef anything at that point as I had only one inexperienced crewmember on board vs. their salty guys on the Olsen. Believe it or not, we passed the Olsen about 15 feet to windward of him with about 2 feet of our 155% headsail in the water. Once we passed him I put the flattening reef in the main. Couldn't furl the headsail until after the gybe mark.

To make an "exciting race story" short, the Olsen finally did pass us, but I covered him. We won the race even beating the Yamaha 36 scratch. There were only four boats that finished due to blown out mains and slugs ripped out of their tracks. What a test for your sails and the first race on the Cal 2-29. Guess I showed them!!!

Anyway, GREAT JOB on the sails!!!! Thanks for your advice on some of the deck work. I would recommend you and your Co. to anyone! Hope to see you sometime.

Cal 2-29


We got the sail today and it went right up! My team here could not be happier with the phenomenal product you continue to provide time and time again. I will be taking pictures of these and all future sails and will share them with you. Thanks again!

Kevin G.

I have evolved over many years to only go sailing with 15 20 Kts as lesser winds ..well just not exciting enough. But something changed recently. I have a new sail which does in light air what the previous sails did in much heavier air. Thank you! I deployed the asymmetrical spinnaker Sunday without incident. VERY EXCITING!!! Beautiful sail, well made and the best part the sail goes up and down without any problems.

Scott there were many places from which to have this sail made but I choose you because of the early discussions we had, and that was the very information I needed to decide to go through with this purchase. If that service weren't enough you hand delivered and took the time to discuss the details.

Thank you!

Glen W.

After the latest favor you did for me I felt compelled to write. In the Three years since we commissioned our Hylas 54 and fitted her out with you sails; we have sailed over six thousand miles. During that time we have sailed in the strongest winds we could find. Our motto on the boat has always been "if it's blowing; we're going". Sailing on average four days a week and on trips from our home port of Key West to as far as Turks and Caicos and throughout the bahamas; we've enjoyed trouble-free time on the water.

Chris W.

I just wanted to give you some very postive feedback on the sails. I took a while for me to get around to putting them on. Baseball kinda took over our weekends in June. However, the season finally ended and we were able to change them out before our week vacation around Lake Michigan. In fact, their first test was on a broad reach across the lake to the Michigan side in 25 kt winds! The great sail shape provided exceptional boat speed, averaging almost 8kts for 9 hrs!

They fit perfectly and, to my surprise, the roller furling main fits and functions better than the original main. I used to have a lot of jamming rolling the main in and out. I think over the years it became so stretched out that it wasn't rolling up correctly. I haven't had the problem AT ALL with the new main! Of course, my wife now asks why we didn't do this sooner.

So anyway, they're great and I'm very happy with the fit and function. Thanks for all your help.

Marty S.

Received the sail...got it up...fits very well....NICE SAIL!! At least 1/2 to 3/4 kt increase in similar conditions. Meant to write you sooned, but been busy. Thanks alot...will get with you in late winter/early spring for a new headsail.
Thanks Again...

Jim L.


Just a note to thank you and your staff for the great job in designing and installing the new staysail for my Hunter Passage 42.

- Hunter Passage 42

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